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About Us

R-S Middle School uses a team approach to the middle school concept. Every student has a 75-minute-long math class each day. Every student also has a 75-minute language arts class daily. Students also receive instruction in science for 75 minutes and social studies for 75 minutes throughout the school year. These core courses are reduced to 65 minutes two days each week when Intervention Time occurs for 40 minutes in the schedule. In addition to core areas, students receive instruction in two exploratory classes daily. The classes include Art, Business and Marketing, Physical Education & Health, Excel Enrichment, Band, and General Music. Band is a yearlong course while the other exploratory offerings rotate on a six weeks reporting period basis. R-S Middle School offers four courses for high school credit to advanced students. These courses include; Math I, Math II, English I, and Environmental Earth Science.

Our vision is that all students that leave R-S Middle School will be prepared for success in high school and beyond. In order to recognize our vision, the mission is that R-S Middle School, together with parents and community, will enable students to excel in a 21st-century society. Our faculty and staff believe every student who comes to R-S Middle has the ability to be successful. All stakeholders must work together to achieve our goal and provide the best educational experience possible for each student. The faculty and staff of R-S Middle School believe we live in a consistently changing society where students must learn skills to prepare them for success.

We are on a quest for excellence!