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*Question: What if my macbook charger quits working?
 Answer: Make sure the LED is lit on the connector of charger. If not, try a different outlet with  known power available. If still no LED, try a different charger. If the charger isn't physically damaged, (ex: dog chewed up cord, casing is cracked or split) warranty will replace free of charge. If it is physically damaged the cost for replacement will be $50

*Question: What if my Macbook is damaged?
 Answer: If it is physically damaged by neglect, (ex: broken screen, damaged connector, or if key falls off and lost) the cost for replacement will be $50 for insurance deductible. If it isn't physically damaged, help desk will issue a loaner until the original macbook is repaired

*Question: What if my macbook is lost/stolen?
 Answer: Report to police and bring a copy of police report to RSMS. The cost of replacement will be $50 insurance deductible

*Question: What if my macbook is frozen(spinning pinwheel) and can't perform any functions?
 Answer: Hold down power button until display goes dark, approximately 6 seconds. Power back on and attempt to login. If still experiencing problems. Inform teacher to contact help desk about repairs.