R-S Middle School
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RS Middle Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be on time to school every day. The school day is from 7: 45 AM until 3:00 PM. To be considered on time to school, they are expected to be in the classroom before announcements are completed. It is acceptable for the teacher to require students to be in their assigned seat.  All students who are late to school in the morning should report to the Main Office. If a student has an Excused tardy (i.e. doctor’s appointment with note), he/she reports to the appropriate site to check in and is then sent directly to class with an admit slip with no penalty. If a student has an Unexcused tardy, it will be documented in his/her record and will receive an admit slip that documents the unexcused tardy. As a result of excessive tardies, he/she will receive the appropriate step on the discipline plan. Being in class on time is the responsibility of the student. After four unexcused tardies to school, the next unexcused tardy will result in the student being referred to administration for excessive tardiness.  The first step for referral is after school detention to recoup class time lost due to excessive tardiness.  Each additional unexcused tardy will result in assignment to after school detention. Tardies will restart at the beginning of each six week grading period.